Otolaryngology Imaging Core  



1- Working hours for the microscope are considered to be 7am-7pM. During this time period no more than 6 hours of reservation are allowed in advance. An additional 6 hours are allowed after hours. After hours includes 7pM-7am on weekdays and all of the weekend. No more than 6hrs may be reserved in advance for core usage during this period and again no more than 3hrs at one sitting.

2- The 6hrs of booking can be for no more than one week in advance.

3- Signup cannot be for more than 3 hours in one sitting.

4- No one is allowed to signup for more than 6 hours total in advance.

5- No laboratory is allowed to signup for more than 20 hours of use in a week in advance.

6- Preference will be given to projects that are using confocal microscopy on the confocal microscope. This will be implemented slowly and if need be project authorization will be required before access to the microscopes granted.

7- Login and logout for systems is mandatory, any further infractions will result in loss of priveleges for at least a month for that user, multiple infractions will require the laboratory including PI to retake the orientation training for privileges to be restored.

8- Comparison of booking and login data will be made on a monthly rate and users or laboratories consistently underutilizing the signup time will have their signup privileges reduced.

9- Training will be provided for use of the spinning disc system, at present 2 wavelengths, to those with confocal stack imaging requirements and projects that are approved by Felipe and myself allowed to use this system.

10- Felipe will have core time 1:30pm-4:30pm every Friday for those who would like special training and help with their imaging. Users can sign up in 30-45 minute time slots as needed to work directly with Felipe. This training is meant for higher level use.

And finally, use of the microscope without booking is allowed on a first come first served basis. IF you have booked for 3hrs and need longer and no one has booked the scope and no one has come by to use the scope then feel free to continue. IF your time is up and someone who hasn’t booked but is in need of the scope then they should have priority.

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