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April 24th - May 3rd 2014

Felipe Salles will be in Brazil, as a guest lecturer and instructor on the I Microscopy Worshop at the Brain Institute of Rio Grande do Sul, showing the outreach of our Imaging Core, collaborating with institutions not only in the US but internationally.




Training calendar for the Imaging Core:

Next introductory lecture:

March 25th 2014, 3pm-4pm, Imaging Core Edwards Bldg Room R109


Past introductory lectures:

Nov 19th 2013, 11am-12pm, Imaging Core Edwards Bldg Room R109

Oct 23rd 2013, 10am-11am, Imaging Core Edwards Bldg Room R109

Sep 18th 2013, 10am-11am, Imaging Core Edwards Bldg Room R109

Aug 22nd 2013, 10am-11am, Imaging Core Edwards Bldg Room R109






Starting today, the new LSM700 has been finally incorporated into our facility, and already available for all users who are familiar with the ZEN software. It follows the same operation procedures as the AxioImager, with all benefits from the updated technology. Full specs coming soon.

The AxioIamger system is back from repair and fully operational again.



February 20th 2013 UPDATE – EQUIPMENT REPAIR


As of today, a few temporary changes are taking place:


  • Due to problems in the automatic focusing mechanism, the AxioImager LSM5 Exciter Microscope has been sent for repair, which might be for a few weeks. A temporary replacement has been installed and will shortly be available, after I receive training from Zeiss.



  • This confocal system has 4 solid-state laser lines (405, 488, 555 and 639) and 2 channels. It runs the latest version of Zen.


  • The computer is also temporary, so there will be no login for now. It then becomes EVEN MORE IMPORTANT to correctly sign in and sign out using the paper sheet and the online calendar.


  • This microscope comes with no camera port, only a confocal scanning head is attached. Therefore, all non-confocal users should use the AxioVert system for their work. The camera and software (AxioVision) are the exact same, so do not expect any differences. Of course, don’t forget to insert your slide upside down.


  • If you are an AxioVert user, the 633nm HeNe laser has presented some problems, and despite a new power supply, the laser will have to be replaced. In the meantime, the Ar line (458, 488, 514nm) and the HeNe 543nm are functioning well. Replacement will happen until the end of this week.






Training calendar for the Imaging Core:

Next introductory lecture:


March 24th 2013, 3pm-4pm, Conference Room, Edwards Bldg Room R141



Neuroscience N'Engineering Seminar Series hosted by OHNS research


The 2014-15 series is currently being planned and announcements are coming soon. The series will start in March 21st 2014.




Titles: to be announced


Sept 9: Charles Liberman, MEEI/Harvard

Oct 21: Rob Raphael, Rice

Nov 18: Steve Maricich, Case Western

Dec 9: John Ngai, Berkeley


Jan 20: Marianne Bronner, Caltech

Feb 17: Teresa Nicolson, OHSU

March 16: Ruth-Anne Eatock, MEEI/Harvard

April 20: Elisabeth Glowatzki, Johns Hopkins

May 18: Tom Friedman, NIDCD/NIH

June 15: Dolores Bozovic, UCLA


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