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Spinning Disk Confocal

Zeiss Axioplan2 Upright Microscope

The Axioplan 2 imaging is a universal microscope which is suitable for all applications relevant to light microscopy. Its modular design, numerous components and wide range of accessories allow the Axioplan 2 imaging to be adapted and extended to perform a large number of special applications.

Yokogawa Disk Unit CSU10

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Ideal for:

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QuantEM:512SC EMCCD Camera

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Laser Lines:


Filter Sets:


Important Features

FITC    (standard)

Excitation: 460-500 nm, dichroic: 505 nm LP, emission: 510-560 nm.

mCherry (standard)

Excitation: 540-580 nm, dichroic: 585 nm LP, emission: 595-665 nm.




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