Otolaryngology Imaging Core  



Image Processing Workstations

Two powerful PCs and a Mac Pro are available to users. Computers are for data analysis and rendering, all data should be stored in our own server (ImageCore). All Machines have pre-installed Volocity 5.1, Image J and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Terastation Server - File Storage

Upon completion of their work, users should always store files on our Terastation server, with a 4Tb capacity and upgradeable. Files should never be kept in the computers running the microscopes or the workstations. It is OK to upload and keep files in portable drives. But NEVER in the computers. A weekly Friday "cleaning" will remove any files left in any of these computers.
Every computer in the facility has an alias to the server, right in the middle of the screen.

How to store files in the server:

  1. Authorized users will be provided with the correct IP address for "ImageCore";
  2. After connecting, simply select the equipment that you have worked on. Example: "AxioImager";
  3. When in the correct folder, click on your lab's icon and store images in a folder that MUST contain the first and last name of investigator. (Figure)


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